Journalist, Reporter & War Correspondent

Jerónimo Mura is an independent journalist based in Miami, Florida. As a correspondent, he covered the war in Ukraine, the 2022 USA election, and hurricane Ian. He also has experience as a TV Reporter, Anchor, Radio Host, and Producer.


Conflict Zones - Ukraine

Jerónimo Mura's most recent assingment was covering the war in Ukraine for the Argentinian TV Network LN+ LA NACION. Main tasks included on-the-scene reports from the cities of Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Lutsk, and Lviv. He also traveled to the Polish border to interview refugees that escaped from the attacks.

Political Coverage - USA

In the United States, Jerónimo Mura covered the 2022 midterm elections in Florida. He was present at the Election Night Party hosted by the reelected Senator Marco Rubio, and also reported from the Miami-Dade County Elections Department and polling places.

Days later, Jerónimo covered former president Donald Trump's announcement of his new presidential candidacy at Mar-A-Lago, Palm Beach (Florida).

Political Coverage – Argentina

In Buenos Aires, Jerónimo Mura covered the 2021 midterm election. He was present at the victory of Juntos, the opposition political party that defeated the President Alberto Fernandez’s party. Besides, he interviewed Patricia Bullrich, former Minister of Defense and President of the PRO party, Maria Eugenia Vidal, former Governor of Buenos Aires and winner of the election, and Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, Mayor of Buenos Aires.

Natural Disasters - USA

Jerónimo Mura covered as a correspondent both Hurricane Ian and Nicole in Florida last year. He broadcasted for TN Todo Noticias and South Florida Media Network. For these coverages, he travelled to Fort Myers, Orlando, Naples, and West Palm Beach.


As a broadcast journalist, Jerónimo Mura possesses a dynamic blend of storytelling acumen and technical expertise, adept at crafting compelling visuals and engaging narratives. With a keen eye for detail and a strong foundation in videography, editing, and multimedia production, he excels at creating powerful content that resonates with diverse audiences.

On Air

  • Interviews

  • Feature Stories

  • Breaking News

  • War Reporting

  • News Packages

  • Anchoring

  • Radio Hosting

Behind the Scenes

  • Video Production

  • Video Editing

  • Social Media

  • Videography

  • Drone

  • Writing

Languages: English · Spanish


  • Telemundo Nacional, July 2023. Multimedia Journalist, Miami, Florida.

  • Canela TV, July 2023. Multimedia Journalist, Miami, Florida.

  • Island TV, OCT 2022 - Present. Multimedia Journalist, Miami, Florida.

  • TN Todo Noticias TV Network, SEP 2022 - Present. Correspondent, Miami, Florida.

  • LN+ La Nación TV Network, SEP 2016 – JUL 2022. Reporter + War Correspondent + TV Anchor, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • LA NACION OCT 2018 – Present. Collaboration writing & videos, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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